The size of whipped cream cake

The price of a birthday cake usually depends on its style, size and technique.

Our birthday cake sizes are:
4 inch - 1-4 persons - from 45€
6 inch - 3-8 persons - from 55€
8 inch - 6-12 persons - from 75 €

4+6 inch - 8-16 persons - from 110€

4+8 inch - 12-21 persons - from 150€

Due to the limited support of the whipped cream cake, these are the maximum sizes we can make

Due to the large number of messages I receive daily, I will only reply to you if I have the capacity to make your requested cakes.

This will be much better if you enquire directly at the shop or message me on whatsapp (no phone calls please) Please book at least two weeks in advance as a general rule, on special occasions (e.g. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.) it is usually better to book even further in advance.

  • Original Chiffon + Frucht

  • Original Chiffon + Oreo

  • Earl Grey Milk Tea+Pudding

  • Choco Delux + Oreo+ Knusperbonnen

  • Red Velvet Chiffon + Frucht (+7 €)

  • Matcha Chiffon + Azuki Bonnenpaste (+8 €)

Signature Cake Roll

We have different flavours of cake rolls.
Most cake rolls are 38 euros, including

  • Yuzu Grape
  • Coconut and strawberry
  • Taro & Red Velvet
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Raw Coconut Latte
  • Earl Grey caramel
  • Thai Milk Tea

Due to the ingredients, the following flavours are 44 euro

  • Bamboo Charcoal with UJI Matcha
  • Deluxe Chestnut and Biscuitt
  • Super Deluxe Matcha 49 euro(Very high intensity Matcha, for Matcha addicts only.)

Please book 1 week in advance

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